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Amerite Guy Anchor Grounding Kit

Amerite Guy Anchor Grounding Kit

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Elevate your grounding system with our comprehensive Anchor Grounding Kit, carefully designed to meet all your grounding needs. This all-inclusive kit includes three sets of essential components: 15 feet of bare copper solid wire coil, copper-clad ground rods, ground rod clamps, split bolt ground wire clamps, and guy wire clamps.

Key Features:

Bare Copper Solid Wire Coil (15 feet): Our high-quality bare copper wire coils are engineered for optimal conductivity, ensuring a reliable connection to the grounding system. Their flexibility and robust design make installation hassle-free.

Copper-Clad Ground Rods: The copper-clad ground rods in our kit are crafted to effectively dissipate electrical charges into the earth, enhancing the safety and performance of your grounding system. Their corrosion-resistant properties ensure long-lasting performance.

Ground Rod Clamps: Secure and efficient, our ground rod clamps guarantee a solid connection between the ground rod and the grounding conductor. Their rugged construction and tight grip ensure a dependable bond.

Split Bolt Ground Wire Clamps: Engineered for versatility and longevity, our split bolt ground wire clamps are designed to join grounding wires efficiently, providing a secure connection that withstands varying environmental conditions.

Guy Wire Clamps: Our kit includes specialized guy wire clamps, catering to comprehensive grounding requirements. These clamps ensure stability and strength in your grounding setup.

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