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Amerite Base Grounding Kit

Amerite Base Grounding Kit

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Discover the power of an effective grounding system with our meticulously designed Base Grounding Kit. This all-in-one package includes the essential components needed to establish a robust grounding setup. Each kit contains a set of five vital elements: 15 feet of solid wire coil, a high-quality ground rod, a 1-¼" leg clamp, a ⅝" leg clamp, and a ⅝" ground clamp.

Key Features:

Solid Wire Coil (15 feet): Our top-tier solid wire coil ensures exceptional conductivity and a secure connection to your grounding system. Its durable construction and optimal length make installation a breeze.

High-Quality Ground Rod: Crafted for optimum electrical dissipation, our ground rod guarantees efficient grounding. Its dependable performance is further enhanced by its corrosion-resistant attributes.

1-¼" Leg Clamp: The 1-¼" leg clamp provides a reliable and secure connection between grounding conductors and vertical supports. Its robust design ensures long-lasting stability.

⅝" Leg Clamp: Engineered to precision, the ⅝" leg clamp is designed for easy attachment to horizontal members. Its durability and ease of use contribute to a hassle-free grounding setup.

⅝" Ground Clamp: Our ⅝" ground clamp is a versatile component that facilitates a solid connection between grounding conductors and ground electrodes. Its sturdy build and dependable grip ensure consistent performance.

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